Walking Gallery
Why are the QR codes of the Walking Gallery on our platforms blurred?

We protect the exclusivity of the artwork by blurring the QR codes on our digital platforms. These can only be scanned on the physical item.

Are the QR codes static?
Why does the hoodie have 5 QR codes?
What is a Walking Gallery?
What do I get after purchasing a Walking Gallery hoodie?
What happens after the paintings go public?
What's the difference between an NFT and Walking Gallery?
Can I purchase the art on my hoodie?
General - FAQs
How does Tuuins help artists?

1) Build a network and a trust bridge between artists and Tuuins.
2) Promote artists and help them grow their brand.
3) Help artists have a more regular monetary inflow (30% of each unit sold is paid to artists. Contact us for more information).

How are the artists involved with Tuuins Inc.?
How can I be involved in the brand?
Where can I learn more about Tuuins Inc.?
Can I return a product after purchase?
I have an issue with my delivery and my return, what can I do?
Why is my country not available as a shipping destination?
Can I change or cancel my order once it has been placed?
How do I redeem a promotion code?
How is my order packaged?
I received damaged items
Where can I find the size and fitting information?
In case of a return, do I get a refund or store credit?