About Us

At Tuuins, we believe hoodies are more than just loungewear items. By working alongside artists and incorporating innovative technology, we bring our community a means of artistic expression through fashion. Our designs feature curated artists, for art lovers. Join our community of aesthetes looking to release their art for the world to wear. Let's embrace creativity together.



We want to provide artists with a new platform to expand their talent through our brand. Our partnership is fortified through our shared goals, which creates a bond that transcends collaboration. Through this connection, we aim for artists to receive advertising and monetary benefits to grow their brands alongside Tuuins. 

Our Commitment

We want artists to expose their craft in a new, exciting way, where users can experience a constant connection with them, their brand, and their paintings. We are committed to channeling that experience throughout attire and giving artists a new public and monetary opportunity. A multinational network of artists.

As for the users, we want them to have a continuous experience with art and their clothes. Keeping their clothes fresh, innovative, and creative.