Tuuins at Red Dot Miami.

Tuuins at Red Dot Miami.

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K-Art Projects USA, a full subsidiary of Contemporary Project USA, has partnered with Tuuins Inc. to bring a fresh and lively dynamic to the Red Dot art fair this November 30th. 

The dynamic consists of an artsy scavenger hunt within the Red Dot art fair. Spectators can now enjoy more than just a fun time observing art, they can experience a new way of living it. 

Tuuins Inc.

Tuuins is a fashion tech company focused on creating hoodies that are more than just loungewear items. By working alongside artists and incorporating innovative technology, Tuuins brings the community a means of artistic expression through fashion. Their designs feature curated artists, for art lovers. 

Through their new collection, Walking Gallery; Tuuins is disrupting the way art is seen and clothes are worn. Enabled by the wonders of technology, Tuuins has taken an extra step to mix art and fashion. This startup is setting the path for a fashion revolution, where clothes are more than just attire; and their art merges the frontiers between the physical and digital world. 

K-Art Projects USA

K-Art is a project created by Contemporary Art Projects USA to give an opportunity to emerging artists to achieve the next levels in their careers. 

Headquartered in Miami, Contemporary Art Projects USA, is dedicated to nurturing new contemporary art by providing exhibition opportunities and resources for emerging artists and curators. Their mission is to promote the appreciation of art within the international community by supporting the process of art collection. They focus on resources that support artists’ creative endeavors through awareness, promotion, and art procurement. 

The K-Art project achieves this by working alongside the best minds in the industry and sharing their expertise to market the arts, culture, and entertainment. From Biennials and gala auctions to exhibitions and major international art fairs, K-Art projects and Contemporary Art Projects USA, have the experience, innovation, and creativity to engage audiences through inspired campaigns.

Red Dot

Red Dot Miami is a curated gallery-only contemporary art fair during Miami Art Week. In addition to showcasing 75 of the top galleries from around the world, Red Dot Miami features a provocative agenda that includes site-specific installations, ongoing collaborations with partners, and specially-commissioned events that take place during the fair. If you want to showcase your gallery to a highly literate audience in the arts while making valuable lifetime connections with buyers and fans, then Red Dot Miami is the place to be!


Tuuins in collaboration with K-Art Projects USA, is fabricating an interactive scavenger hunt through a hybrid model, to modernize how consumers interact with the art. The scavenger hunt starts with a simple statement “Become a Walking Gallery, ask me how”. Tuuins representatives will be wearing custom-made Tuuins hoodies to guide you through the initial steps of the activity. Each custom-made hoodie contains a QR code that will redirect you to a tailored website providing the guidelines to continue experiencing this activity. 

The Walking Gallery by Tuuins, goes beyond boundaries to provide a new facet for a never-before-seen artistic experience, where you can dive into the artist’s persona. The scavenger hunt’s purpose is derived from the same principle: to provide an immersive experience unlike anything seen at a conventional gallery.

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Tuuins at Red Dot Miami.

Tuuins at Red Dot Miami.

Red Dot Blog K-Art Projects USA, a full subsidiary of Contemporary Project USA, has partnered with Tuuins Inc....
Dec 02, 2022